Question Are the Tattus safe to use? Can we put it on kids? Is it hypoallergenic?
AnswerYes to all of these. Tattumundo Tattus are proudly certified safe and non-toxic for kids and kids at heart alike. Albeit allergy to adhesives is a real thing to very few people so we do suggest patch testing first.
Question How long does a Tattu stay on the skin? How do I make it last as long as possible?
AnswerIt normally lasts for 3 to 5 days. But it does stay on longer if you take proper care of it which is basically just not rubbing it and not putting anything greasy where your Tattu is.
Question I really love your designs. Who comes up with them? Are these original artworks or just something you got from the internet?
AnswerTattumundo’s backbone are the artists that design the Tattus. Without them, these awesome original Tattus won’t exist. If you want to meet the Tattu creators, CLICK HERE.
Question What is it made of?
AnswerIt’s all made out of love and non-toxic material. For the full ingredients list, please email us at
Question Where can I put my Tattus?
AnswerYou can put them on your face, your neck, your arms, your fingers, or your feet. Anywhere is good. And by the way, you can also stick them on a lot of things as well. Do check out our inspiration page.
Question Do you do custom Tatttus?
AnswerWe’d love to be part of your journey! Please email us at for more details.
Question Do you sell wholesale? If yes, what is the minimum order?
AnswerYes we do.  Please contact us at
Question Do you supply for themed parties?
AnswerOh we love parties and we’d love to be in yours! Hit us up at for inquiries.
Question If I want to remove the Tattu, what is the best way to do it?
AnswerWe’re always sad seeing a Tattu go but we found that letting it sit in coconut oil or baby oil for a couple of minutes will make the Tattus come right out with a little cotton ball rub.
Question How soon do I get my order?
AnswerYou should get them within 2 to 4 days after payment confirmation.
Question Do you entertain orders internationally? What’s your minimum order?
AnswerIn fact, we do. And we don’t have a minimum order but we do suggest ordering more to cover the international shipping cost. You can order just one Tattu, or a million. It’s all good.